Colleen Scott



Born in Winnipeg, and raised in Nelson and Victoria, Colleen and Randall made their way to Predator Ridge 14 years ago. Colleen works as a Management Consultant for a variety of clients, and is fortunate to share her home office with her art studio. She appreciates being able to see (and be inspired by) her art while she works.

Colleen discovered her painting obsession in summer 2018, when a friend encouraged her to give it a try. She feels like a blindfold has been removed, and is working hard to make up for lost time and live this new passion!

“I am so happy to have uncovered something that had been hidden all these years. I see my art as an extension of my creative journey. I have always been a passionate lover of music, and now, instead of solely expressing myself with an instrument, I am also using a paintbrush. Some of the best surprises are when you surprise yourself.”