Deb Ackerman


Deb was born and raised on the prairies.  While in university, she attended art appreciation classes, which turned out to be a good life balance choice with her career in accounting.  After completion of her commerce degree, she set out to find work.  In the meantime, her husband also encouraged her to take up golfing.  While on a golf holiday to the Okanagan, Deb and her husband fell in love with the newly opened and world-renowned Predator Ridge.   The endless golfing opportunities, crystal blue lakes, brilliant sunshine and the ski hill were excellent reasons to make a move.  

The landscape surrounding the Predator Ridge community inspires artists with its multi colored, ever changing and alive environment.  It almost “dares” the artist in everyone to, in some way, replicate the beauty.  Combined with the peaceful tranquility of the area, one can’t help but let the inner artist soar.

Deb’s colorful glass fusion creations of “Functional Art” - specialized dishes that are both art and utilitarian, are extraordinary versions of ordinary objects.  Her newest gallery of window panes are inspired by the endless variety and beauty of nature found everywhere at Predator Ridge.

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