Debbie Anne Young


The soft touch of the brush on canvas coupled with a passion for realism compels Debbie to work with oil on canvas for hours at a time. Painting using techniques of the old masters - including detailed drawings, monochromatic underpaintings and many layers of colour to create both depth and detail in Debbie’s paintings.

Born in Murrayville, British Columbia, Debbie now lives with her husband in the Okanagan Valley. It is here, in the west, where she is inspired everyday by the beauty of the cultural geography and wildlife that surround her.

Debbie’s style is developing into a soft representation of realism based on her own experiences and the engaging stories behind each piece of work.

Exploring her love of art and learning, Debbie studied drawing at the Alberta College of Art and Design and has enjoyed watercolour classes at Swinton’s in Calgary and oil painting classes with Gene Prokop from Edmonton’s Pro’s Art School.  Her first portrait sold was displayed at Calgary’s Arts Development People’s Portrait Prize in 2017.