Our 2021 Art Selection Panel

We are truly grateful to these talented artists who generously shared their talent, time and expertise to help us select the very best of our art for the Art of Gratitude Show.   

 Marla Blackwell was born in Vulcan, Alberta and moved to Calgary upon completion of high school.  Although the prairie and wheat fields were her home as a child, she always loved the foothills and now resides west of Cochrane, Alberta. Creativity has always been her passion and expresses it in her paintings. Western Canadian landscapes painted in acrylics and watercolors are her favorite subject material although she embraces all forms of fine art. Marla has developed her style and technique by enrolling in several workshops with well known Canadian artists, Mike Svob and Brian Atyeo, as well as Ron Ranson from The UK. Her paintings are available through exhibitions and at the Cochrane Arts Central Gallery She believes that painting every spare moment and being inspired by nature and the beauty around this great country is what drives her passion. https://www.marlablackwell.com/

Jessica Hedrick exhibits her art in four galleries across Canada and the US. She regularly teaches classes out of her home studio as well as travelling for workshops out of town.  Jessica has owned her own gallery in Vancouver, BC. and now lives in Kelowna and works at Hambleton Galleries. After moving to Kelowna  Jessica embraced The Face of Kelowna by finishing over 250 portraits of Kelowna residents for a Canadian Mental Health Association fundraiser. Ms. Hedrick was appointed to the Board of the Kelowna Art Gallery in April 2019. http://www.jessicahedrickart.wordpress.com/

Linda Lovisa lives in Kelowna and paints Alla Prima. This type of painting keeps the colours fresh and vibrant while mixing direct on the canvas. Her techniques include Impressionism, symbolism and abstraction. Although she works primarily in acrylic, she continues to explore a wide range of media including pastel, mixed media and watercolour.  Linda’s paintings have appeared in exhibits across Canada and the United States and can be found in private and public collections nationally and internationally. Linda has been presented by The Federation of Canadian Artists, a Gold Award and an Award of Excellence. After ten years of owning her own art gallery, displaying local artist’s creations, Linda has moved to a new chapter in her life. She continues to offer painting classes, is enjoying writing her books and painting commissioned pieces. https://www.lindalovisaartcanada.ca/