Vania Burton


Vania Burton is best known as a fused glass artist who uses “on edge” construction methods and warm temperature firing schedules in a kiln to create colourful, textural pieces that tell a story.   Glass is cut into strips then placed on their edge to highlight the inside of the glass rather than the surface.   As Vania often says:  “like people, the inside of the glass is usually more interesting than the outside”. 

Vania’s job is to find the story using the form and context of the medium.  Although glass, as a medium, is the perfect marriage between art and science, its complexity demands special treatment and knowledge to bring out its best qualities. 

Vania has taken glass classes and workshops in Canada, the United States and Europe but also draws on life experiences and her curious nature to experiment and create new pieces. She also has experience in fibre arts and painting.  Vania’s pieces are in collections in Canada, the US and Europe. 

Although glass “on edge” is her signature style, her work is always evolving and her journey is leading her to a new medium – acrylic painting.   Vania has been inspired by her amazing surroundings and desire to grow as an artist as she finds a new voice in paint.  Beginning with abstracts and semi abstracts, Vania is finding a new way to tell a story. 

Vania is a longtime exhibitor at the Beacon Fine Art Show in Calgary, and has also shown work at the Calgary Stampede,  Elbow Room Fine Art Show, Riverside Art Group Show and Harmony Fine Art Collective Show. |