Vicky Richardson

Loving art classes all through school, Vicky started working with oils on canvas as a young mother in Kamloops.  Inspired by a wonderful instructor and free daycare for the duration of her classes, Vicky learned to “see” nature, colour, and light through the eyes of an experienced artist.  

After this early start, her painting was put aside as she looked after her family and her successful career in health care.  As she retired from her full-time job and moved to the West Kootenay, Vicky returned to her passion, exploring her love of colour and design through creative quilting and watercolour painting.   The beauty of the surrounding natural landscape and wildlife acted as motivation for her art work.  Vicky captures magical light and a variety of brilliant colour hues in her work.  

A move to Predator Ridge in 2013 opened the door to new art forms, starting with classes using acrylic paint offered through the Vernon Community Arts Centre.  The classes were taught by Okanagan artist, Gabrielle Strong, whose patience and encouragement blended so well with Vicky’s love of painting. 

Although Vicky paints primarily landscapes, she is also exploring abstract painting thus  capturing her sense of adventure and her love of colour. Vicky enjoys painting with other inspired artists in her neighbourhood, who continue to learn from one another.